CanAfrican Energy Services Ltd. provides turn-key oil and gas and renewable energy project management and technical support services to the African energy sector.

Mission Statement - To be a leading Indiginous energy services firm to the African region, to lead our industry in the application of innovative and cutting edge technologies, and to operate to the highest safety and ethical standards as expected by our clients and our company.

Regional and Global Footprint

An East African owned and operated company founded in Kampala Uganda, CanAfrican Energy Services Ltd. has offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda, while being supported from offices in Calgary,Alberta, Canada, a Global Energy Centre with the World's third largest oil and gas reserves, at the forefront of technological advancements in oil and gas production, some of which include:

Heavy Oil Extraction and Transport of waxy and ashphaltine crude oils

Multi-Stage Horizontal Fracturing

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Shale Oil and Shale Gas Production


Performance Based Team

Our core team is comprised of African and Canadian oil and gas petroleum engineers, Field Optimisation experts, Geologists, Drilling Engineers, Regulatory Compliance experts and Renewable Energy Executives with large scale project management and financing expertise in the African Continent. Our team is further enhanced by our EPC partners, leading construction engineering projects globally.

Our Team of Global experts can further provide solutions for

Heavy Lift Project Logistics

Project Security

Social License to Operate Programs



Top Tier Partners = Tier 1 Support

Our Partners include:

Geophysical and Geoscientists with Global expertise. The Team origionally mapped the East African oil and gas reserves on behalf of African Governments in 1997.

Canadian Oil and Gas drilling, optimization and production management experts with exploration and development expertise globally.

A global EPC construction and Engineering firm expert in managing large scale construction projects from ports, to power facilities.

Solar PV Project Investment and Development Corporation.

Top tier Investment Banking Network capable of supporting capital funding of energy related projects in East Africa.